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Private Yoga Instruction
Tree pose
Classes are custom designed to suit your experience level, accommodate your health conditions/injuries, and incorporate your personal requests. Emphasis will be placed on safety through precise physical alignment and maintaining mindfulness and awareness to gain insights into your practice.

Classes are taught in the vinyasa style of hatha yoga. Vinyasa is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses that integrates breathing coordination with body movements. Poses are selected and arranged to focus on different aspects of practice. Yoga props such as blocks and belts are sometimes used to assist in finding clarity within poses and to minimize risk of injury.

Yoga classes are offered at our in-office studio or at your home or office.

Classes can be scheduled with acupuncture treatments to provide further relaxation and health benefits.

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Semi-private instruction (2-4 people) or larger group classes can be taught by request.

Yoga offers many benefits to your health.

Research suggests that yoga:

~ Improves overall physical fitness, strength,
   and flexibility

~ Counteracts stress

~ Improves mood and sense of well-being

~ Enhances memory and concentration

~ Reduces heart rate and blood pressure

~ Increases lung capacity

~ Improves muscle relaxation and body composition

~ Helps with anxiety, depression, and insomnia

~ Positively affects levels of certain brain or
   blood chemicals

~ Reduces chronic low-back pain

~ Lowers the risk of diabetes

~ Improves immune function

~ Improves joint health and functioning in
   inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis

~ Aids in smoking cessation
Triangle Pose
For more information on the health benefits of yoga, visit the National Institutes of Health website,

Yoga News

Corey Di Stasio teaching at OM Yoga
Corey next to the schedule board at OM Yoga in New York City just before teaching an intermediate level vinyasa class there. In addition to offering fun and challenging yoga sequences to his students, the theme of the class centered around becoming mindful of habits in practice to find opportunities for growth. The owner of OM Yoga, Cyndi Lee, was in attendance.

Corey Di Stasio teaching at YAI
Two happy students of Corey's yoga workshops taught at YAI Network in New York City. Classes were taught at a monthly social event for people with disabilities. YAI Network's organizers said that they noticed a marked improvement in the participants' concentration and interest levels after practicing yoga.

Corey Di Stasio teaching at 4th and 1
Corey leading 35 student athletes in a morning yoga series at 4th and 1 in Mount Pleasant, Texas. 4th and 1 is a free football camp sponsered by the NFL for high school students from underrepresented groups. It is the only football camp in North America to balance sports training with SAT prep and diagnostics, professional development, creative workshops, and life skills classes.

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