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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese medicine emphasizes the relationship between people and their environment, the food they eat, and the lifestyle they lead. The body, mind, spirit, and the world we inhabit are viewed as being inseparable, interconnected and subject to the concepts of Yin-Yang, the Five Phases, and Qi.

By the Later Han dynasty (25-220 A.D.), texts known as the Inner Classic and the Treatise on Cold Damage were compiled and became the basis from which Chinese medical theory and practice evolved. These texts concisely outline a complex framework of observations and understandings of the natural world and their relation to health and disease. Descriptions of anatomy, physiology, medical diagnostics, acupuncture protocols, and herbal prescriptions were recorded and used with success ever since. Throughout history, many famous Chinese physicians continued to refine and expand the medicine to include full understandings of a broad range of pathologies. A great wealth of experience and knowledge has been accumulated and stands as a comprehensive medical system.

Today, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is taught in medical schools around the world offering insight to the healing traditions of acupuncture, herbology, nutrition, bodywork, and exercise.

Corey Di Stasio has a doctoral degree and is nationally board certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
Sandlin Cherokee Lineage
Virginia Sandlin Virginia Sandlin (November 6, 1942 - February 25, 2019) was a seventh-generation Cherokee mystic who made it her life's mission to make the world a better place. She was an author, motivational speaker, and a healing practitioner who was a true advocate for a more peaceful and equitable society. She developed her own body of work known as the Sandlin Technique, a gentle and non-intrusive bodywork in which the client remains fully clothed, except for shoes. The Sandlin Technique is a holographic approach to toning, strengthening, and rehabilitating the human body so that it can accelerate the healing process. The Sandlin Technique releases the skeletal structure so that it can move more freely and be an aligned structure to hold the muscles and organs in their natural places. It also rehabilitates the muscular structure in order to release stress and allow more free-flowing movement of all parts of the body to facilitate all systems of the body to work as a total unit. No one system can operate without the other. Unconscious patterns of behavior undermine the ability to sustain a feeling of well being. Incomplete issues cause suffering—we feel disempowered—our energy system short-circuits. Suffering, whether physical, emotional or mental is an indication that the body cannot work as a whole to maintain health. The Sandlin Technique bodywork develops clarity and insight so that suffering can be identified and released.

Corey Di Stasio learned the Sandlin Technique directly from Virginia Sandlin, who mentored Corey from 2008 until her passing in 2019.

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