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Herbal Medicine Consultation
By 220 A.D., traditional Chinese formulas were being developed and used along with acupuncture to successfully treat a wide variety of illnesses.

Thousands of Chinese medicinal herbs are derived from plant, animal, and mineral sources providing all-natural, drug-free solutions to promote healing, relieve discomfort, and reverse disease.
Herbal formulas are commonly made from 4-12 dried herbs and can be:

~ Simmered in water and drank as teas

~ Processed into pills and powders for ingestion

~ made into washes and salves for topical applications

Formulas are most effective when tailored to treat your particular presentation by selecting specific herbal ingredients for their documented properties and physiologic functions.

Many herbs are also foods and spices like:

~ Barley

~ Yams

~ Dandelion

~ Watermelon

~ Walnuts

~ Sesame seeds

~ Honey

~ Licorice

~ Cloves

~ Cinnamon

~ Garlic

~ Watermelon

~ Ginger

There is little risk of adverse reactions when herbal formulas are properly recommended according to the medical system studied by a highly trained, NCCAOM certified herbologist.

Today, a wealth of evidence-based research is providing a growing amount of positive validation in favor of the many beneficial health effects of Chinese herbs.
All of the herbal products selected come from reputable manufacturers and meet or exceed the stringent standards of potency, quality, and safety dictated by China and the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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